suruga bay ferry
suruga bay ferry

8 minutes by taxi from the east exit of Shimizu Station, You can travel from the Shimizu Interchange on the Tomei Expressway to the port of Shimizu in 15 minutes by car and you can also cross Suruga Bay from Shimizu Port to Toi Port in 65 minutes by high-speed ferry. On board the ship, you can take in the magnificent view, from the coastline to the peak, of World Cultural Heritage Site Mt. Fuji. Enjoy a relaxing cruise across Suruga bay on a luxurious ferry.


Mt. Fuji and a signboard for Route 223 seen from the deck

Kawazu Cherry Blossoms in Izu (from February 10 to March 10)

Entire length/83m Entire width/14m Entire tonnage/about 1,554 tons Cruising speed/ about 18.5 knots Lounge room/100 seats General guest room/342 seats Maximum capacity/450 guests aboard Maximum capacity/12 buses and five cars or 54 cars

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For reservations and questions


〈Business hours〉9:00〜17:00
Booking is not necessary for walk-on passengers.
Please buy tickets at each ferry ticket counter on the day before embarkation.



Passenger Fares

Term A Term B
Basic Fares ★Discount rate for a limited time
Adult 2,260 yen 2,100 yen
Child(elementary school) 1,130 yen 1,050 yen

with tax

Babies under 1 year old are free.
One Infant accompanied by an adult is free.
Middle school children aged 12 and over are charged adult prices.

Lounge charge(Ocean room)
Adult 500 yen
Child(elementary school) 250 yen

with tax

Group discount(adjust to the passenger fares)

15 or more persons 30 or more persons
Adult 1,810 yen 1,700 yen
Child(elementary school) 910 yen 850 yen

with tax

Vehicle Fares

One driver's fare included

CAR Term A
Length of the Vehicle Basic Fares
3m or over less than 4m 5,700 yen
4m or over less than 5m 6,200 yen
5m or over less than 6m 6,700 yen

with tax

CAR Term B
★Discount rate for a limited time
Length of the Vehicle Weekday,weekend and holiday Booking discount on weekday Booking discount on weekend
and holiday
Discount rate 5% 30% 15%
3m or over less than 4m 5,420 yen 3,990 yen 4,850 yen
4m or over less than 5m 5,890 yen 4,340 yen 5,270 yen
5m or over less than 6m 6,370 yen 4,690 yen 5,700 yen

with tax

BUS TermA・TermB
Length of the Vehicle Basic Fares
Minibus 6m or over less than 7m 8,200 yen
Midsize bus 8m or over less than 9m 10,300 yen
Motorcoach 11m or over less than 12m 13,400 yen

with tax

About term

Term A
Please be advised that term A is exempt from booking discounts.
Golden Week Holidays (consecutive national holidays) (Apr. 29〜May. 7,2017)
Summer time(Aug.11〜Aug.31,2017)
Year-end through New Year(Dec.29,2017~Jan.10,2018)
Term B
Period except Term A
From Jan 11th through 26th 2018 Ferries are out of operation due to annual inspection/maintenance.
Also on Jan 1st,only 1st service will be suspended.
★Discount for a limited time
In term B,discount fares for a limited time are applied.
Passenger fares are 2100yen for adult(half price for child),vehicle fares(less than 6m) are discounted 5%.
★Booking discount
In term B, In the case of advanced bookings, an extra 10% discount can be added on
weekends and holidays and an extra 25% discount on weekdays.
(Total 15% on weekends & holidays and 30% on weekdays)
Bookings can be done by internet or telephone from a period of 1 month before to the day before your trip.
Booking by telephone +81-54-353-2221・Business hours 9:00〜17:00
Booking discount applys for vehicles less than 6m.
★Return trip discount
When you purchase a return ticket, show your outbound ticket stub to receive a 10% discount (of the regular fee).
(Effective term : 5days from your last boarding.)
Applicable period: Return trip discounts are available in Term A in the case of 1 day return tickets.
However, vehicles of 6 m or more can be used throughout the year.
Notes: Generally a combination of discounts are not issued together.

About payment

Payment to be made by credit card,QUICKpay and nanaco.
Payment of Izu Dream Pass to be made only in cash.

<About utilization of credit cards.>
Credit card transactions are only allowed as follows.
  • ● Passenger fares and vehicle fares of regular fee.
  • ● Ticket of return trip discount.
  • ● Group discount
  • ● Disabled discount

<Usable credit cards>

Type of credit cards The method of payments.
Express card
Pay at one time. Pay in two installments,Pay in installments, Revolving payment,Bonus pay in a lump sum
JCB card
VISA card Only pay at one time.
Master card
NICOS card
Cruise route map

Cruise route map

cruise route map

It takes 8 min(650m). on foot from S-pulse Dream Plaza(Chibi Maruko chan land)
There are pay parking lots around the Ferry Terminal.(300yen per day)

Traffic access

Traffic access

traffic access map

To Shimizu Station by train

by train

On the Tokaido bullet train, get off at JR Shizuoka Station.Take the JR Tokaido Line from Shizuoka Station and get off at Shimizu Station.

From Shimizu Station

Ferry terminal

It takes 8 min(650m). on foot from S-pulse Dream Plaza(Chibi Maruko chan land)

Access by car

Shimizu Interchange on the Tomei Expressway

Ferry terminal

※The above information is for reference and represents the shortest time necessary to reach the destination during the daytime(from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.) (as of April 2017)
※There are pay parking lots around the Ferry Terminal.(300yen per day)

Public Space

Public Space

Lounge room (Ocean Room)
The Ocean Room with its elegant interior and large seats, which you can charter, provides a special and comfortable cruise experience. An extra charge of 500 yen.
In the soothing sea breeze you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt Fuji from the deck. It is a perfect spot to take in the picturesque scenery and shoot some beautiful photographs.
general guest room
General guest room
A guest room with open space and table seats allows families, friends and groups to enjoy the cruise in a relaxing atmosphere.
In addition
There is also a tatami space, shopping stands, a charter plan for the Ocean Room, parties and chartered cruise services for an unforgettable experience. An Elevator is also available for use.
Food Space
Taste a variety of unique Japanese foods sold on the ship.Special fried sweets shaped like the route 223 signboard. hot takoyaki, or octopus pancakes, and hamayaki, or grilled sea food.are sold at stands on the ship. Please enjoy the food while viewing the beautiful landscape.
Fully equipped WIFI
In the Ferry Terminal of Shimizu Port & Toi Port,and Lounge(Ocean Room) in board.
route 223
Route 223 connects Shimizu and Izu, running through Suruga Bay.The numbers 223 can be read as “Fujisan (meaning Mt. Fuji),” and the route affords a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji.
izu dream pass
tourist info



An entertainment complex
close to the ferry terminal!

S-Pulse Dream Plaza
(Shimizu Sushi Yoko-cho)
Come to S-Pulse Dream Plaza, an entertainment complex at Shimizu Port, the Suruga Bay Ferry terminal! At the complex, you can enjoy Chibimaruko-chan Land, which features the popular animation character, Shimizu Sushi Yoko-cho that offers delicious sushi, movies and shopping!
S-Pulse Dream Plaza
13-15 Irifune-cho Shimizu-ku Shizuoka City, Shizuoka 424-0942, Japan
Open every day TEL: 81-54-354-3360 Parking The parking lot has the capacity for about 1,600 cars.
(Free for one hour, discounts available based on purchase amount)/Free bus service is available.
Shimizu Sushi Yoko-cho
(inside the S-Pulse Dream Plaza building)
Open from 11a.m. to 9p.m.(last order: 8:30 p.m.)
※Open until 10 p.m. during the year-end holidays,Golden Week holidays and summer holidays(last order: 9:30 p.m.)

The local Shimizu sea kitchen!

Shimizu Fish Market:
At this marketplace, you can enjoy eating the extensive range of fresh local seafood of Shimizu! Savor the rich flavors of the various sea dishes cooked close to the port and shopping for souvenirs however in the special atmosphere of a marketplace.
Maguro Hall serves a greatvariety of fresh sea foods.
Shimizu Fish Market: Kashi-no-ichi
149 Shimazaki-cho Shimizu-ku Shizuoka City,
Shizuoka 424-0823, Japan Closed on Wednesdays※ (Some shops are open every day.)
TEL: 81-54-355-3575 The Ichiba Hall From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Maguro Hall From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Parking The parking lot has the capacity for 200 cars.
(Free for the first 30 minutes after admission, free for 90 minutes with a purchase of at least 500 yen, and free for two and a half hours with meal)
access map

Shizuoka Pref.

Shizuoka Pref. Tourist Information
shimizu port bay cruise shimizu port pass

For reservations and questions


〈Business hours〉9:00〜17:00
Booking is not necessary for walk-on passengers.
Please buy tickets at each ferry ticket counter on the day before embarkation.